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Aftercare Advice for Seated Massage

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Aftercare Advice - Seated Massage


Aftercare advice

Seated massage bodywork is a non invasive treatment that will help to relieve the effects of stress and modern lifestyles on our bodies, and create a sense of wellbeing. As with many other therapies, regular treatments over a period of time will have a more beneficial effect than an occasional treatment.

Seated massage bodywork should leave you feeling energized: in a state of alert relaxation. You may well have a reaction to the treatment, experience muscle aches, temperature fluctuations or feel light-headed as your body adjusts to the treatment.

However, these will all be short lived.

Immediately after your massage, please follow a few simple steps to maximise the effects of the treatment and to eliminate toxins from the muscles.

• Drink plenty of water

• Try to avoid stressful situations

• Avoid strenuous exercise

• Avoid tea/coffee/sugary drinks

Please don’t hesitate to call for information or to book a mobile treatment!

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